Livlab is the brainchild of Leash and Em, who are the creators of The Sugarless Bakery. The massive success of The Sugarless Bakery showed a significant gap in the market for healthy treats that are sugarless, low carb & fructose friendly and now with so many retailers demanding The Sugarless Bakery products the time had come for Leash and Em to start their own retail outlet.

Livlab is a concept deli designed to be a healthy haven for fit foodies, where customers can relax knowing that all our food is sugarless, gluten free and vegetarian. We use the best quality ingredients to produce delicious food that caters to multiple dietary requirements including lactose intolerance, celiac disease and diabetes in addition to vegan, keto and paleo diets. We also have incredible baristas who will make you a delicious coffee to get you through your day or for a mid afternoon pick me up.

We hope to see you in-store soon.