In our wholefoods deli at 327 Canning Highway, Palmyra we offer a large range of specialty pantry items including gluten free food products, books, stationary, homewares and cosmetics.

Whether you are looking for something keto, paleo, vegan or just a beautiful gift for a loved one or yourself, our pantry is abundant in unique and hard to find products that are sure to please anyone.

The Livlab Wholefoods Panty features products by:

  • A Bit Hippie

  • Damona Dairy Free Cheeses

  • Gluten Freedom

  • Joco

  • Naturally Sweet

  • NOYA Nut Butter

  • Nutra Organics

  • Postcode Honey

  • Spoonful of Goodness

  • Thankyou.

  • The Green Pantry

  • The Honest Keto

  • The Natural Family Co

  • The Prospect Project

  • The Sugarless Bakery

  • XO Tea